Sophie Shevardnadze

I would like to thank Evans team for professionalism and high level of service. The company's specialists were able to find exactly what I wanted. If I need a consulting on real estate, I’ll turn for help only to Evans.

Гражданство Гренады Специальная цена для клиентов W1Evans на юридическое сопровождение

Гренада – живописное островное государство на юго-востоке Карибского бассейна. Программа получения паспорта этой страны позволяет стать обладателем второго гражданства и выгодно инвестировать средства.
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Evans is an international company providing professional services in real estate since 1991, which has offices in Moscow, London, New York and St. Petersburg. Using extensive experience and expertise, we select the most attractive residential and commercial property, and investment deals all around the world.